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Program Description

I am a private tutor, and normally I do one to one, and sometimes I do one to two in the case of couples

wanting to learn together. My class goes for 1.5 hours and can be attended here in Brighton East, or if

you are living not too far from here, in the comfort of your own home. I supply everything, from folders to

text books, and I also use a state of the art Multimedia technology, capable (amongst other things) of

monitoring your Italian pronunciation, in tone, pitch, and waves, I supply my students with CD-ROM's

multimedia, that turn learning into fun.

My approach to teaching Italian is multi-varied, I normally draw from a variety of professional resources.

My magic interactive multimedia technology, enables me to have a very good insight into how one

grasps the language, hence allowing me to tailor instruction, thorough preparation, and smooth delivery.

This method, makes the lessons very beneficial and enjoyable at the same time. I also supply when

needed an audio CD to make your learning process easier. Each student of mine, gets his/her own

tailored course, after an evaluation of their own language level. The reference to the Italian Grammar is

frequent, but very light and always clear!

The available courses include:

Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced; also, I can supply tuition for business purposes, and corporate

organisations. I can also teach children, for tests preparation, and VCE secondary education. All my my

private tuition includes the supply of texts, audio CD's, interactive multimedia tailored exercises, and

stationery, obviously included in the price.