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Matt Paul 29/08/2013

Ciao a tutti Ive had weekly lessons on and off for over two years with Roberto. Roberto e molto

simpatico...... and what I like the most is that he understands how I best learn and has adjusted my

lessons accordingly. Matt

Michelle 26/08/2013

Punctual very good teacher will continue studying with Roberto.

Liz Bolton 23/07/2013

Roberto has continued to provide excellent lessons and make learning Italian a pleasure. His wide

range of teaching techniques and utilization of new technologies keeps me challenged and interested. I

look forward to my class each week and enjoy the conversations we now have in Italian.

Phillipa Wilson 23/07/2013

Roberto continues to be a wonderful tutor. As an educator I am very critical of how I am taught. Roberto

creates real interest in his students and is able to convey easily complex areas of learning. He does this

through games, conversation, stories and books. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons and look forward to

them every week.

Lena Hemming 21/07/2013

Ciao everyone, Reberto is such a great teacher also can be great friend of you. Never feel bored in his

lesson! Now I am heading to Italy tomorrow and he already keen to finding out what my experience of

speaking Italian with everyone. Thanks Reberto for last half year's time and effort. A presto! Lena

Shirley Rutman 06/05/2013

Roberto is a diligent tutor . His use of text books ,teaching aids and computer programs have been

invaluable to my improvement in speaking ,comprehension and use of grammar in the Italian

Language . I thoroughly enjoy our lesson and I wish I had time for two lessons every week .

Désirée Pomponio 18/04/2013

I continue to have interesting and challenging lessons with Roberto. Whilst still enjoying the text book

approach to learning, Roberto has also incorporated multi faceted multi/media learning programmes.

These programmes enable me to practise my verbal skills (with the latest multi/media data I am able to

record my own voice and compare it with the correct pronunciation, the programme charting where my

inflection is incorrect), my writing skills (my corrected stories can be downloaded to an mp3 and listened

to as read by an Italian native speaker) and my aural comprehension skills, all in a stimulating and

entertaining fashion, whenever and wherever I want. Thank you Roberto for your enthusiasm and up/to/

the/minute approach to teaching.

Alan strunin 16/04/2013

Va tutto bene. Parliamo meglio My wife and I are improving and enjoying learning the language with

Roberto who is very well organised and enthusiastic. Highly recommended.

Giulia Cinquegrana 14/04/2013

Very knowledgable, helpful, improved my marks in this subject.

Christine McArdle 13/04/2013

Roberto is a unique tutor who tailors his classes to compliment the strengths and weaknesses of his

students. Not only is he patient and understanding, he also has a delightful sense of humour. He uses a

variety of teaching methods which ensure your lessons are always fun while at the same time improving

your your grasp of the Italian language. I look forward to further increasing my confidence with reading,

writing and conversational skills. Grazie Roberto.

Anouk Smetana 13/04/2013

I love Italian, had some notions, being French, and wanted to be able to speak Italian. Well, thanks to

Roberto, I do, not as well as I would want to, but I DO! Roberto himself is very enthusiastic and I admire

him for that. He has put me onto various programs on the internet, all very useful and reinforcing what

we cover in the lessons. He is very patient and i appreciate this very much, especially when I was sick. I

thoroughly enjoy my lessons.

Anya Poloz 10/04/2013

A fantastic tutor, we have only had a few lessons together and I already feel like my Italian has

improved and I'm sure that I will achieve my results. All the activities that I have done are effective, and

his teaching method is very good!

Lena Hemming 20/12/2012

Roberto is a great tutor. He is funny, enthusiasitc, patient, encouraging, of course handsome as well! I

definitly even more interested in studying Italian than before. I can't wait to have my lessons every

Monday! Of course he will give me some homeworks to do and he always says you don't need to do it if

you don't want to. DON'T BELIEVE THAT! Make sure do the homeworks on time!! I am sure he will be

my tutor for next 10 years if this is possible. I can imaging one day, I will speak great Italian, but not only

that, also I will learn so much from him about Italian culture, Italia food, Italian's life and Italian songs!

Thank you very much Roberto! Buno Natale!

Elizabeth Bolton 17/12/2012

Roberto continues to make the sessions interesting and uses a range of teaching strategies. He uses a

large range of resources from books, online activites, CD's, stories and question and answer activities.

He also uses a number of interesting games and activities to keep the sessions interesting. Always

punctual, friendly and helpful, I continue to enjoy these sessions and my Italian has improved greatly / I

was delighted with how far I had come when I visited Italy recently/and was commended on my


Judy Walker 03/10/2012

Roberto is a real find ! I attended some well known language schools in Melbourne and decided to take

the plunge and have private tution, this was the best decision I could have made, I learn't more in ten

lessons with Roberto then in the class room. Well worth the investment and time, thank you Roberto!

Anjelique 16/09/2012

Roberto has helped me greatly with my Italian for VCE. It is very easy to forget the elemental rules for a

language, especially if you are moving at a fast pace or just trying to keep up with the rest of the class

and missing a few things along the way! In my tutoring lessons with Roberto we worked on solidifying

these before moving onto bigger tasks. I feel as though my grammar and writing has improved, now we

are moving on to focus on oral skills! Grazie Roberto.

Christine McArdle 16/09/2012

Since working with Roberto my understanding of the Italian language has improved greatly. On a recent

trip to Italy I had the confidence to engage in conversation using my knowledge of Italian. I enjoy

working with Roberto and I am looking forward to further increasing my confidence in reading, writing

and conversational skills.

Désirée Pomponio 14/09/2012

Roberto is an insightful, good natured, friendly teacher, who imparts his knowledge clearly. After 3 1/2

years of attending various Italian language schools (inc. Perugia Italy) progress was frustratingly slow. I

have found the 'one/on/one' lessons with Roberto to be extremely satisfying; we are consolidating what

I have learnt/to/date, correcting gaps and oversights as well as introducing me to new and more

advanced grammar. The conversation component of the lesson is invaluable. Thank you, Roberto

Anthony Charles Sterpin 13/09/2012

Roberto is a passionate teacher about helping his students learn italian. He is extremely supportive

and works best when his students are committed and dedicated to their studies. He is meticulous in his

planning of the lesson individually preparing each class to where the student is at. It is very varied and

often great fun. He never made me ever feel uncomfortable for getting something wrong. If you want to

learn italian and committed to the educational journey then I would highly recommend Roberto. He is

always on time and his fees for service are extremely reasonable for a professional who comes to your

home or workplace. Roberto has a perfect command of English and australianisms as well as most

italian dialects.

Alan strunin 22/05/2012

tutto bene! Roberto is all you will need to improve your Italian. My wife and I see him once a week and

we are moving along well despite being a little slack with our homework. Roberto has of material to

assist you.

Sieglind 20/05/2012

Roberto is passionate about his language and his style challenges you to see if you are serious about

learning the language. The individual tuition is brilliant as it is tailored not only to your level but can also

cope with variations in your study patterns, i.e. as a business woman I do not have the capacity to

devote the same time to study each week. Roberto takes me forward as I am able.

Rosa Montague 17/05/2012

Having reached a plateau in my Italian after learning it for 8 years, I have made a leap forward with

Roberto which I was not achieving in a class of 8/10 students. His enthusiasm for all things Italian is

infectious. He puts a strong emphasis on grammar and I was surprised to discover that this really has

improved my spoken Italian as well. In fact, my confidence in speaking has grown so much that I enjoy a

good argument with Roberto. We disagree about many things which is always interesting!

Marietta 11/01/2012

Along with Roberto's tutoring and my own private study, I was able to achieve a study score in LOTE:

Italian 3/4 in the high thirties. There was a huge improvement in my language abilities from when I first

began lessons, up until the final exam, when I discontinued tutoring. Thanks Roberto! Grazie mille!

Nadia 06/01/2012

Over the past few years Roberto has helped me learn and speak Italian. In my final year of VCE,

Roberto helped me have confidence with the speaking aspect of the language and helped me preapre

for a study score that I was very happy with. He always makes the lessons interesting and fun as well as

helping me to improve constantly. Grazie e a presto Signore!

Mark Kelly 31/12/2011

Roberto is a excellent teacher, in 5 months he took me from struggling in yr 12 Italian, to being able to

hold conversations with ease. To call him well prepared is an understatement and his knowledge of the

language and skill as a teacher far surpasses that of my school teachers. All you need to be is keen. My

2011 atar was 94.55 / what else is there to say, I couldn't have done it without him. Grazie mille signore!

Chris Burgess 24/10/2011

I have been learning with Roberto for the past 4 years and he is an excellent teacher. He is always very

positive and encouraging and is able to gauge when to take the student to the next level. I have

thoroughly enjoyed the interactive and fun way Roberto teaches. Would recommend Roberto for both

the beginner and advanced student. Chris B

Luke Huyskens 26/08/2011

Roberto is an experienced language teacher. He is passionate about Italian and uses this enthusiasm

to bring out the best in the student. He uses a wide array of superior source material (text books) as well

as a range of teaching tools (internet, games, books, CD, computer programs) . The variety ensures

every lesson is different, and holds your attention. I have no hesitation in recommending Roberto as an

italian tutor.

Mallory wall 24/08/2011

Every week I look forward to my Italian lessons with Roberto / the convenience of having him come to

my home, his expertise and experience, the variety of form his lessons take and his passionate

approach to learning Italian as a language. I love the use of mixed texts and aides / especially the

Italian books and stories and I appreciate the extraordinary effort and time that goes into his lesson

preparation. My confidence in speaking Italian when traveling and when with Italian friends has grown

and I am certainly looking ahead to my next year of Italian studies. Thank you Roberto

Michelle 23/08/2011

Roberto is a fantastic Italian Tutor! I would highly recommend him to anyone intersted in studying

Italian, no matter what your level. My partner is Italian and I have been speaking Italian for over 5 years.

I have also lived in Italy for over a year and a half, and converse well in Italian, however gramatically I

make lots of mistakes. I have been working weekly with Roberto since February to improve and correct

my Grammer. His lessons are very well prepared and structured to suit my needs, and I can see a

fantastic improvement. Roberto has years of experience and knowledge, and is extremely dedicated

and passionate about teaching Italian. As a student, this is so invigorating, and spurs me on each week.

We use a selection of text books and exercises which are clear and are specifically targeted to

strengthen and improve my weaknesses. I would definately recommend Roberto to any prospective

students, seeking help with their Italian.

Phillipa Wilson 21/08/2011

I have had three Italian teachers, one for 6 months when living in Italy, however Roberto is by far the

best. Roberto has an extrordinary way of working with students to made the learner enquire. His ability

to lead the learner on a journey has truely begun for me. His different delivery options have been

exciting. I feel very fortunate to have found this skilled teacher.

Mark Kelly 18/08/2011

My Italian has improved beyond sight since starting with Roberto, His resources are excellent, the

lessons are incredibly organised and always varied. that said, they are dynamic and flexible. I'm

currently in Year 12 and oftentimes the lessons revolve around the topic that I'm studying at the time / It's

a huge help. Being with Roberto is like being in Italy with a Maestro.

William lo giudice 18/08/2011

Roberto is a great teacher i have learnt alot from him and enjoy every lesson

Simon 18/08/2011

Roberto follows a well structured curriculum that has an emphasis on learning to speak Italian correctly

without having to unlearn bad habits that can be picked up via short cut methods. He provides extensive

high quality texts and audio visual aids. The lessons first cover the basics, then progressively develop

to where Italian is spoken throughout most of the lesson. The pace of learning is entirely up to the


Anouk Smetana 17/08/2011

I am very happy with Roberto. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, interesting, has a great sense of

humour. I love my lessons with him. Grazie, Roberto!

Michelle 15/08/2011

Intelligent with a sense humour the hour and a half lessons go so fast really enjoying my lessons

Mitzi 15/08/2011

Roberto is always enthusiastic about teaching Italian. He has made huge effort in looking for the best

learning material for his students. The more I learn the more I enjoy. I can see myself making good

progress and being more confident using this beautiful language.

Charmaine Hart 15/08/2011

This year I put my Italian to the test with two months travelling through Italy and often received

compliments on my grammer and pronunciation, so without a doubt I'm happy to recommend Roberto.

Now that I'm hooked on the language I'll be continuing my lessons, and looking forward to honing my

conversation and grammar skills with Roberto for my next trip to Italy.

Shirley 14/08/2011

Roberto is very dedicated to his Italian students. .His multi media tools are excellent and very user

friendly. Our lesson times pass so quickly . Roberto is very patient and is happy to revise any lesson

until the concept has been grasped. Homework tasks are manageable and discussed and corrected the

following lesson . Above all , Roberto is very encouraging and I look forward to every lesson in order to

improve my Italian .

Lois Hill 13/08/2011

Very helpful, and my only problem is lack of time to do enough homework!

Jenny 12/08/2011

I have looked forward to all my lessons with Roberto and my communication skills have improved.I

have just returned from a holiday in Italy and was very grateful for having had tutoring from Roberto.I

was able to converse with the local people in a more relaxed and confident way. I will be continuing

with my lessons for quite a while to come.Roberto is an excellent teacher.

Liz Bolton 12/08/2011

I am thoroughly enjoying my lessons with Roberto / I like his approach to these lessons / and the variety

and quality of resources he uses are excellent. I feel I have learnt a great deal already.

Nadia 12/08/2011

Roberto has helped me feel comfortable speaking the Italian language and has helped improve my

grammar via the aid of many different resources. He is a very enthusiastic teacher. Grazie e a presto

Bill Diggins 09/08/2011

Having tried learning Italian through classes and groups in the past without much success or

satisfaction I decided get serious and try a private tutor. Some 8 months ago I found Roberto through

this website and started private tuition. The main difference I noticed immediately that Roberto was

teaching the Italian far more comprehensively than the previous classes or groups I had attended,

where the language was studied far more 'superficially'. Roberto's enunciation of the Italian language is

excellent and his choice of learning texts, material and supportive learning aids such as CD Roms is

very good. Due to pressures of business at times I have a problem finding sufficient time to devote to my

studies and have found Roberto to be understanding. Like any study input usually equals output and

am sure that anyone who studies Italian with Roberto and puts in the necessary time will learn to speak

fluent 'proper' Italian

Richard 08/08/2011

Roberto is a very good tutor. I have learned a great deal from him. I used him before I went to Italy last

year and in a very short space of time he taught me alot. I was able to have a conversation with

someone regarding accommodation or food or at a cafe or many other things and I felt comfortable

doing it. The resources he uses are excellent. He loves his job and this is reflected in the quality of his


Marietta 08/08/2011

Very helpful, I'm sure to continue tutoring with Roberto until my Italian is as good as his!

Jessica 19/07/2011

Roberto is an excellent tutor – enthusiastic and always prepared. Each lesson was tailored to my

individual needs and covered every aspect of the language, including grammar comprehension,

reading and writing skills, as well as listening and speaking exercises. My lessons with Roberto have

enabled me to regain my Italian language skills and enhanced my abilities.

Leonard Scicutella 12/04/2011

Roberto is an outstanding Italian teacher. He is the person to learn with if you are serious about

capturing the beauty and nuances of the Italian language. Moreover, it is fun and challenging. His use of

various modalities to enable you to learn is excellent. His Italian sense of humour is really quite funny

whilst at the same time giving you a real sense of the culture. I plan to travel to Italy soon and will try my

new learnt skills. When I return , it's time for the next level!!

Jenny 03/03/2011

I have completed 36 lessons with Roberto and have improved in all aspects of learning the italian

language. Each lesson has been made for my level of learning and I am now more fluent and

confident .Roberto puts a lot of work into his lessons and ensures that each one is stimulating and a

challenge for each student. I prefer a one on one class so that I can move at my own level and pace.I

look forward to continuing with his lessons and wish him well.

Andrea  6/2/2011

Roberto has continued to tutor me in Italian since 2009 and on our recent trip to Italy my husband and I

were very pleased to recognise the advances made in my abilities with the language. I'd previously

been reticent to open conversations in Italian, but now find I've the confidence to communicate quite

well. Thankyou Roberto. You're a gem. I recommend you highly.

Mitzi  3/2/2011

There's no doubt that learning another language is challenging. Roberto has such talent which keeps

his student immerse in the language with excitement. He takes extra time to find out your needs and

tailors a learning program that suits you. I walk away from his classes feeling pumped and eager to

learn more. Roberto always surprises me with different learning medium and I love the story books he


Luke Huyskens  20/12/2010

Roberto is an excellent tutor in the italian language. He knows where he wants to go with the course,

what comes next, and is always prepared. He tailors the cadence of the lessons to me as a student and

employs activities from a numerous sources and media. This helps keep every challenging lesson fresh

and interesting. Roberto also encourages you to do that little bit more, and inspires the confidence

necessary to perserve with learning the language. In a word, accomplished.

Anouk Smetana  15/12/2010

I am delighted to have found Roberto, and have recommended him to friends. I am very very happy with

him and greatly enjoy my classes. He is very patient, always very well prepared and structures his

lessons very well. I am a teacher myself and thus appreciate even more his approach. Thank you


Leonard Scicutella  14/12/2010

Roberto is a thoughtful and reflective teacher of Italian. His experience and expertise enables him to

accurately assess the student's ability in the language and he plans his lessons accordingly. His

teaching enables the student to understand the structure and dynamics of the language in a

comprehensive manner. The lessons are a mixture of learning modalities that make them more

interesting and challenging. Most importantly is that the lessons are stimulating and fun. Roberto is very

engaging and has a wonderful sense of humor. He is always well prepared and open to explore your

concerns. I highly recommend anyone who is serious about learning Italian to have Roberto as their


Jenny  13/12/2010

I have undertaken 30 lessons with Roberto during the past year. Each lesson has been well prepared

and structured to my level of knowledge and learning ability. At last, after several years of attending

different classes,all my previous learning is being put together and I am really becoming more fluent

and confident with the language. I look forward to continuing with Roberto in 2011, and wish him well.

Michelle  8/12/2010

Roberto is an exceptionally well qualified professional. He provides excellent resources. He displays a

genuine interest and enthusiasm in my learning (even when his ears must be hurting from my awful

Australian pronunciation), which is both motivating and reassuring. I find the lessons nicely balanced

between challenging and fun. I believe that I am getting great value for money for a tutor of this calibre

and experience. Looking forward to continuing my Italian language journey with him.

Richard Farrelly  9/9/2010

Roberto was a great a tutor. The only reason I stopped seeing him was that I am going overseas. I will

use him when I come back. He was very enthusiastic and the different methods of teaching were far

better than just using notes and a text book, I have now tried two ways of learning (class room and tutor)

and this is really the only way to go. He far exceed my expectations. Buona Fortuna Roberto e a presto!!

Graeme  28/7/2010

Roberto provides a linguistic basis to learning which emphasises the grammar and written concepts

alongside the oral. This enables me, after the 68 hours, to confidently read basic Italian and orally read

with fair pronunciation. I have a fair grasp of the mechanics of the language which will provide me with a

good foundation to enjoy my time in Italy and to further develop my langauge. It was great to do this 1:1

from home using Skype, supplemented by the regular homework sheets, audios and basic reading

books. Thanks Roberto.

Amanda  16/5/2010

Roberto is an excellent tutor. He is passionate about the Italian language and he is always well

prepared for each lesson. He is patient with the speed at which one learns as is truly professional in his


Jenny Kirkham

I have been studying Italian for six years in various classes and went to italian school in Italy for two

weeks. I reached the stage where I needed to put together all I had learned, I also required the

confidence and assistance to speak fluently. After only 11 lessons I can say that I have improved in all

aspects of learning the language. Roberto is highly focused on individual needs and prepares the

lessons very well. The lessons are something I look forward to and even the homework is fun. I like the

one on one because the lesson is prepared for my level of learning yet pushes me that little bit further.I

will continue to study with Roberto and look forward to my trip to Italy in 2011. I will, I am sure,feel very

confident speaking the language when I get there.


Roberto is very friendly, makes the lessons enjoyable and is extremely patient! He works at your own

pace, whilst encouraging your strengths and assisting along the way. I could not recommend him highly

enough, there is a monetary value attached to his lessons, but learning a language with Roberto is an

invaluable experience.

Antonietta and Natasha Gledhill 11/5/2010

Enjoying learning from Roberto very much! Looking forward to more lessons!

Nicholas 10/05/2010

Roberto is a superb tutor. Roberto's lessons have developed something I honestly thought I'd never get:

confidence. Before Roberto's lessons, I had read an Italian grammar and a course or two and had tuition

in Italy. But fear, among other things, meant that I had not a bit of confidence. Roberto's lesson content,

his fun manner, and sensitivity to my weak spots have allowed me to develop this confidence, and now I

am starting to speak Italian, and without the feeling of training wheels. Roberto's materials are also

superb. He seems to have sifted through the mass of Italian language learning materials, and found the

gold, which he assigns for homework. These bring out some of the tricky or surprising aspects of the

grammar, while also providing enough simpler things for reinforcement, and avoiding the juvenile

vocabulary/design of a lot of language resources (though I imagine he'd have plenty of gold appropriate

for kids). Another great thing about Roberto's lessons is that, as other reviewers have noted, Roberto

tailors the lessons to suit me, my knowledge and skills. This means that I never feel frustrated or adrift.

Instead, I have this wonderful sense of consistent progress, which is exciting as I contemplate how

much more my Italian will develop in future with Roberto's tuition.

Charmaine 27/12/2009

Roberto's love of the Italian language is infectious and a great asset to learning. Not only am I learning

the language but also the nuances of the 'lingo', and through his patience I am acquiring a greater

confidence in speaking. I love the variety that his lessons offer, e.g. multimedia options, and can hardly

wait to do the homework 'i compiti' for the coming week. His lessons are always structured so that you

have a sense of always improving, occasionally there'll be a test to monitor how you're going, so that

your learning can be even more tailored to your specific needs. I would be very happy to recommend

him to prospective students.

Mallory Wall 07/05/2010

I cannot recommend Roberto highly enough . His personalised course - expressly tailored for you as an

individual - ensures that you move at a pace that really does suit your specific needs and goals. His

ability to explain Italian grammar (and of course his impeccable knowledge of English and it's

grammar ) means that Italian very quickly can start making sense. I love the variety of teaching

resources and I even love my homework ! I also appreciate the great effort gone into the extensive

preparation for each lesson , which is time you are NOT paying for. Looking back at essays written by

myself over the last year, I am thrilled and proud of how far I have come and very much looking forward

to continuing my Italian journey . Roberto's knowledge , patience and enthusiasm for language certainly

place him in a category well apart from the average teacher. Thank you Roberto.

Robyn Napolitano 23/03'2010

Roberto provided a very professional language service. As a teacher myself, I was impressed with the

variety of activities he offered and the perception he showed when assessing my level of

comprehension and motivation for the day. I liked the homework he expected each week as I could

embellish it to suit myself, make it as brief or lengthy as I had time for, and reflect whatever I'd been

doing that week. The mixture of interactive computer lessons, book work, listening skills, and direct

verbal interactions made the sessions move very quickly and were most enjoyable. His manner is very

polite and professional. He was welcomed into my home where the lessons were held, and readily

chatted with my Italian husband. My Italian was much improved on my recent 2 months in Italy.

Charmaine 27/12/2009

Roberto's love of the Italian language is infectious and a great asset to learning. Not only am I learning

the language but also the nuances of the 'lingo', and through his patience I am acquiring a greater

confidence in speaking. I love the variety that his lessons offer, e.g. multimedia options, and can hardly

wait to do the homework 'i compiti' for the coming week. His lessons are always structured so that you

have a sense of always improving, occasionally there'll be a test to monitor how you're going, so that

your learning can be even more tailored to your specific needs. I would be very happy to recommend

him to prospective students.

Jim Tolley 14 Lessons 22/12/2009

Roberto's love of the Italian language is infectious and a great asset to learning. Not only am I learning

the language but also the nuances of the 'lingo', and through his patience I am acquiring a greater

confidence in speaking. I love the variety that his lessons offer, e.g. multimedia options, and can hardly

wait to do the homework 'i compiti' for the coming week. His lessons are always structured so that you

have a sense of always improving, occasionally there'll be a test to monitor how you're going, so that

your learning can be even more tailored to your specific needs. I would be very happy to recommend

him to prospective students.

Mitzi Feedback 73 Lessons 22/12/2009

I have been having 1 on 1 lessons with Roberto over two years. He is always very prepared and

encouraging. He realises his student's ability to learn and tailors the learning materials accordingly. He

has made learning Italian enjoyable. I always have a sense of achievement after each lesson and look

forward for the next one.

Andrea Way 25 Lessons 31/08/2009

Roberto has helped me greatly with my understanding of the language and has definitely improved my

grammar and conversation. Previously I've had large-class lessons from a couple of institutions which

I've found difficult in that it's impossible for a teacher to take all levels of students into account. With

Roberto and a one-on-one lesson he structures it specifically to my needs. He's very well prepared and

offers a variety of teaching resources which keeps the lesson interesting and challenging. Roberto's

passion for the language enthuses and motivates me as a student and he answers my queries in great

detail and always with useful examples. I believe his method of teaching is most effective and far

superior to a group class. I will continue with Roberto and recommend him to anyone who wishes to

improve their language skills.

Chris Burgess 20 Lessons 12/05/2009

I was a little apprehensive about learning a second language but Roberto creates a fun and challenging

environment to learn. He is very passionate, patient and understanding as well as using many and

varied resources to keep the learning fresh and interesting. I can certainly recommend Roberto for any

student wanting to learn as a hobby and also if you are serious about Italian as a second language.

Grazie Roberto. Sei un grande maestro

Nadia Italian 07/04/2009

I would recommend Roberto to anyone interested in learning Italian. I have been having Italian lessons

with Roberto for the past year. He has helped dramatically with improving my grammar and

pronunciation. He always has a new way of teaching each lesson and is always encouraging me to

speak more and more. Thanks for teaching me Italian, Roberto! Grazie e a presto.

Dennis MacManus 50 26/03/2009

I highly recommend Roberto to any prospective student of Italian. I studied Italian by myself for seven

months before being brave enough to find a real life tutor! I chose Roberto because of his strong tutoring

background and some good reviews from other students. I think my learning has accelerated since I

started lessons with him and I'm pleased with the outcomes. Roberto uses a range of teaching

resources and different modes of learning, from conversation to written exercises to internet resources

and plenty of fun learning games. So there's always plenty of variety. His feedback is always spot on

and enables me to focus my study time at home on the right things. The other great thing is that it is

really convenient for me - our tutorials are done through Skype video conference because I live in New

Zealand. Roberto is very professional and accomplished in his use of computer resources - I am

especially enjoying the use of remote access to the programmes he has on his computer - including

programmes he developed himself. To anyone considering a personal tutor, I would recommend this

way of learning as an effective way to keep your study interesting and motivating, especially with such

an accomplished and enthusiastic teacher as Roberto.

Ian Stewart Tuition 19/11/2008

Roberto is a skilled and passionate Italian tutor. He has an infectious love of his language and an

intimate knowledge of language teaching methodology. He employs a wide range of resources to build

the students' understanding and inject variety and interest into the learning process. He has remained

sensitive to my progress and responds constructively to any blocks. I meet with Roberto twice each

week, have had 57 lessons to date and intend to continue with him for the long term. I endorse him

without qualification to anyone desiring to learn the Italian language

Belinda 11/11/2008

He helped me refine my grammatical and verbal skills better than any of my Italian teachers, which has

improved my confidence and encouraged me to practice my Italian more often.

Adriana 11/11/2008

Always willing to help and give advice to improve you italian. He is always encouraging and i was

never to scared to ask questions. Thank you so much for your all help. I wouldn't have been able to get

through this year with you it.

Margaret Wright 27/07/2008

I have been tutored by Roberto for almost two years now. I feel I have made very good progress over

that time. He provides a wide variety of material and tailors his tutoring to the individual. Whilst learning

a language can be challenging, Roberto's patience, constant encouragement and sense of humour help

enormously. I hope to continue my lessons with Roberto and would highly recommend him to anyone

considering learning Italian.

Charmaine 22/07/2008

Roberto is helping me master prepositions, and he's given me the confidence to start speaking in


Justin 07/07/2008

Roberto, you have helped me so much with my italian, better than any other Italian teacher I have ever

had times 10000. You don't only teach you convey the language in such a special way that students

can understand. Not just textbooks and homework but deep conversation work and the building of a

great relationship through the passion of such a beautiful language. Thanks, J.

Barb Sandys 05/03/2007

I had been studying Italian elsewhere and was not progressing. With Roberto, I am now making

progress, and enjoying the challenge of learning a new language. I also feel very confident of achieving

my goal of being able to speak fluently when I travel to Italy later this year.

Jennifer McAuley 09/06/2007

Roberto is providing private tuition to my husband and myself. We see learning Italian as a longterm

project, which we have undertaken together. Roberto comes to our home to provide tuition. Roberto is

very enthusiastic about teaching and learning Italian. He provides a variety of stimulating tools and

methods for learning Italian. He has been able to structure the course at a pace that suits us, is

challenging but not threatening. He is open to the many questions we put to him and provides clear

answers. Roberto manages to make the sessions fun with a variety of teaching methods. We are now

starting to have conversations as part of the class, this is challenging in a very constructive way. We

intend to continue studying the Italian language and culture with Roberto for a longtime and can

recommend him as an excellent teacher and communicator.

From Language School Teachers


Un ottimo insegnante!

Roberto tailors his teaching methods to suit the individual student rather than following a set course.

This means that you are able to progress at your own pace and that any difficulties you have with

learning the language are better managed. I have been very happy with my progress with the Italian

language, since having private lessons with Roberto. Having learnt Italian at school, university and

through a course at a language centre prior to commencing private lessons, I can thoroughly

recommend private tuition as the most effective method of learning a language. Roberto is very

passionate about teaching the Italian language and culture, and his enthusiasm for the language

certainly rubs off. Whilst the lessons can be challenging at times, they are also a lot of fun. Roberto uses

a variety of teaching materials including internet resources, multimedia programmes, conversation as

well as following a teaching manual. I would thoroughly recommend him as a tutor for anyone

considering learning or continuing to learn Italian. Grazie Roberto, hai riacceso la mia passione per la

lingua italiana. Spero che tu ottenga il tuo primo posto Ö.. lo meriti!!

Dennis  May 10, 2008

Very experienced and resourceful teacher - highly recommended

I highly recommend Roberto to any prospective student of Italian. I studied Italian by myself for seven

months before being brave enough to find a real life tutor! I chose Roberto because of his lengthy

experience in tutoring and his other great reviews. And my learning has really accelerated since I

started lessons with him. Roberto's tutorials are rich in teaching resources and different modes of

learning, from conversation to written exercises to internet resources and plenty of fun learning games.

His feedback is always spot on and enables me to focus my study time at home on the right things. And

to top it all off, these tutorials were delivered through Skype video conference because I live in New

Zealand! And in this respect I can say that Roberto is very professional and accomplished in his use of

computer resources. To anyone considering a personal tutor, I would recommend this way of learning

as an effective way to keep your study interesting and motivating, especially with such an accomplished

and enthusiastic teacher as Roberto.

Petra Mueller February 19, 2008


Roberto is a wonderful and patient teacher whom I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn the

language. He makes the lessons fun and easy to understand. With his unique method (teaching

interactive)it is amazing how quick you improve. From the very beginning he encourages to have little

conversations and making even grammar being a fun part of learning a foreign language. He ensures

that you have taken in everything before moving forward. I am looking forward to many more lessons :-)

Tony HammondSeptember 8, 2007

Very pleased to have met Roberto Tuzii

Roberto is an enthusiastic teacher and it has been a pleasure to learn italian with him.I had wanted to

learn some basic Italian language skills prior to upcoming vacation in Italy and with Roberto's

individualised one on one help I have picked up some basic skills quickly and had some fun and

enjoyed the time spent with such a competent teacher.

Molto grazie Roberto!

Alan A Fernandez April 8, 2006

Excellent instruction with a multi-varied approach.

Roberto's multi-varied approach, insight into how one grasps the language thus able to tailor instruction,

thorough preparation and smooth delivery made the lessons very beneficial and enjoyable at the same

time. I would recommend Roberto to any prospective student of the language.

Teresa Redlin March 28, 2006

I have no hesitation in recommend Mr Tuzii to anyone who wishes to learn Italian

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Roberto Tuzii who I have found to be an excellent teacher in

the Italian language. I have found Roberto to be kind, thoughtful and very patient in his approach to

teaching. I thoroughly enjoy learning Italian in the methods that he teaches. I have no hesitation to

recommend Mr Tuzii to anyone who wishes, like myself to learn Italian. My reason to learn Italian is

purely to enjoy this beautiful language. Thank you.

Emily Fitts February 8, 2006

Excellent! Like learning in Italy!

I had a difficult goal. To be fluent in Italian in only 3 months. Roberto was the only teacher who had the

confidence in me, and the ability to undertake this project (and the only teacher who replied to my

request), and together we achieved my goal. Roberto is attentive to my personal needs and learning

processes as a student, and always has interesting games and fun ways of teaching (often over coffee

and pizza)! Roberto is passionate about the Italian language (he even makes grammar amusing!) and I

found him to be equally as passionate about seeing me achieve my goal. I cannot recommend him

highly enough! Grazie Roberto!

Emily Fitts is no doubt any teacher dream student; she has been very committed all the time, and she

really put everything into it,Emily has improved over the 3 months that we had,consistently and

progressively, to the point where she can comfortably have a basic conversation in Italian, and certainly

ready to go and start her working life in Italy, which has been her main aim. A very intelligent, and gifted

girl, with a determination to match. During this period of time spent to teach her, I saw in her the same

determination as mine , when trying to learn my English as a second language. Well done Emily!! As

you said, I was the only teacher to answer your challenging enquiry, getting fluent in three months,and I

don't regret a minute of it. Thank you.